Every beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

And so it begins.  Gluten free…here I come.

I’ve been having some chronic stomach issues (I’ll spare you the details) for the past three weeks, and it took me that long to figure out that they were occurring after I was eating bread/pasta heavy meals.

My dad has been telling me to give up grains since he did a cleanse in January and felt amazing.  But being the person that I am (and come on – who wants to give up grains??), I didn’t listen to him.  My body was handling them fine.  And then all of the sudden, it wasn’t.  And I was chronically sick.  Weak, tired, shaky, you name it.  So I decided to make the heart wrenching (but much easier decision when you’re in chronic pain) to go gluten free.

I’m not actually getting tested until tomorrow morning, but I’ve decided, no matter the results, I’m doing a trial period.  One week.  No gluten.  No excuses.  After that week, I’ll eat something with gluten and see how I feel.

I probably couldn’t have chosen worst timing since this Saturday is Oktoberfest, but I’m trying to sort that all out.  I can’t keep putting my body through this misery – I gotta make the change now.

To celebrate (or mourn) the big change occurring tomorrow, I had a bread filled dinner from Panera – the bread restaurant, as my mom calls it.  And then I made two gluten free dishes for lunch tomorrow to make the transition a little earlier.

I made a tomato and feta salad (recipe here) and baked chicken.  I seasoned the chicken with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and thyme,  but when I took it out of the oven, it was pretty bland.  I added some more seasonings and some red wine vinegar.  I’m hoping tomorrow at lunch, it has a little more flavor.  Pictures below:




My real purpose of this blog is to track my journey and post my learnings.  And to be honest about my stumblings.  Because, it’s gonna be hard to turn up a good piece of cake.  Or grilled cheese.

So…here we go!


5 thoughts on “Every beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

  1. i’m 18 and just found out i was celiac 4 months ago. stores like trader joe’s and whole foods, even fairway make it super easy! but now i am in college and forced to eat at the dining hall. it definitely helps to keep gluten free snacks (and naturally gluten free snacks) around like fruit, potato chips, and gf pretzels!

    • I cannot even begin to imagine being a celiac in college especially in the dining halls. But thank you for the tips – definitely helpful in the workplace constantly surrounded by snacks I can’t eat. How are you finding options in college?

      • luckily there is actually a club on campus (a very small club, ahha) for kids that are gluten free eaters, so there is some support there. also, the university nutritionalist met with me in the beginning of the semester to discuss what foods were safe to eat, and what they could order special for me (like pizza, pasta and breads) i’m lucky that they are so accommodating, but i like to keep gf cereal and milk, as well as breakfast bars in my dorm just because breakfast is a pain. one thing though, eating gluten free definitely helps me control my temptations to eat certain carb-y foods like all the cookies and cakes in the dining hall 🙂 no freshman 15 for me

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