Surviving Day One

Oh how very different being vegan and being gluten free is.  Vegans aren’t looked on so fondly in a Midwest city like Cincinnati.  But gluten free.  Different story.  Everyone has been so understanding, flexible and supportive.  They’ve also come out of the word work to tell me about who they know/what they know about it.  So thank you everyone – I truly appreciate it.

I’m writing now instead of at the end of my day since I am going to dinner at The Summit as part of Cincinnat’s Restaurant Week.  Which gets me to another example of people being understanding.  I called both The Summit and The View, where I’m eating tomorrow, to ask if there were gluten free options, and both restaurants were incredibly helpful.  They also made notes on my reservations – but the actual experience will tell!

My doctor’s appointment was this morning, and even though he was 45 minutes late, he agreed that even if I tested negative, I should try giving it up.  And I should get the results back tomorrow.

My meals today have been fairly typical for me – Gorilla Munch (amazing!) for breakfast, greek yogurt as a snack, my tomato/feta salad and chicken with onions and rice for lunch, popcorn as an afternoon snack, and then a cheese stick and a rice cracker with honey when I got home.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though.  I went to Party Source at lunch with my co-worker Jen, and I wandered the aisles looking at all the new pumpkin beer I couldn’t drink.  That was hard.  Ichabod Pumpkin Ale is my favorite fall beer and they were stocking the shelves when I walked by.  So instead, I bought some gluten free beer.  And it was my boss’s birthday, so there was Servatti’s cake and ice cream.  That may be one of the hardest parts – there are always pastries/donuts/other delicious foods in the kitchen for birthdays or just because, and 99% of the time I won’t be able to eat them.  So I treated myself to a little ice cream because, thank god, my favorite food tends be to gluten free.

I’m looking forward to dinner and seeing what options the chef is able to come up with.  I’ll take pictures and post tomorrow.

Oh – I also created a Twitter account for this blog.  Mom – go ahead and start getting those Tweets sent directly to your phone.  Check it out at


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