fall has arrived

Technically, spring is my favorite season.  But there is something refreshing about the arrival of Fall when I can start thinking about flannels, leggings, boots and my personal favorite – fleeces.

Nothing quite says the beginning of Fall like Cincinnati’s (Zinzinnati’s) Oktoberfest.  A yearly tradition of pretending like we’re all still in college and appreciating all the great things my city has to offer.

But of course – this year was much different as I couldn’t partake in 99.9% of the drinks and food.  So in preparation, I bought gluten free beer to lessen the blow of not enjoying a good Warsteiner or Hoegaarden.  At Party Source, they had Red Bridge and Bard’s – so I bought a six pack of each.

The Red Bridge tasted incredibly similar to regular beer – slightly sweeter with a different finish, but similar.  The Bard’s on the other hand – I couldn’t finish it.  My friend Karen drank the rest of it, so it couldn’t have been that bad – but I was looking for a replacement, not an alternative.

Thankfully, there was a Woodchuck Cider (gluten free!) booth at Oktoberfest, so I didn’t feel completely out of place.  I also packed some snacks (Gorilla Munch and cheese sticks) in case everyone started eating and I felt completely overwhelmed.  Thankfully, that never happened.

I did decide at the end of the night to reward myself with a gluten free Naked pizza.  More expensive than a standard Papa John’s or Larosa’s, but it holds it own in the pizza realm.  Every time I find something that is comparable, I feel like I’ve won a small victory.

I feel like my body is already starting to adjust.  Today before I went to church, I wanted a snack, and instead of grabbing a piece of leftover pizza (leftovers make the best snacks), I wanted a banana.

That thudding noise you just heard was my mom and dad hitting the floor in shock.

But yep – I can feel my body craving more fresh food since I’ve been eating more of it the past few days.  I also am still back pain free.  And today is the first day in about a week I haven’t had a headache (although I’m not sure those will ever go away – I am chronically headache prone).

Surprised my dad with steak tips and onions to cook for dinner as well as Graeters.  We also made green beans (my favorite food).  Probably the last time to use the grill since it is getting cold fast and my parents are going to visit my brother in Singapore.  Which means I get to housesit and watch my Nola cat.

I also managed to watch the Bengals lose (hey, it was close!) while doing some work.  Nothing like price comparisons to really get my brain stimulated.

And for now, I’m beginning to think of what I should eat for lunch tomorrow.  Eventually I’m going to have to look into frozen gluten free meals since I won’t always have leftovers from dinners or lunches or the time to make something, but for now, I’m keeping it fresh.

As I wrap this up, I want to leave you a picture with a quote that is quickly becoming my motto through this journey in my life.  Have a great week everyone!


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