things i’ve learned

I didn’t feel like writing a long post tonight, but I figured it was better to write something and keep up the habit.  So, I’ll treat you with a few things I’ve learned in the past week both about not eating gluten to items in my personal life.  Enjoy!

  • gluten is incredibly sneaky (check your bag of potato chips – wheat starch? or your microwavable chicken and rice lunch – wheat ingredients?)
  • no matter how much you stare at a phone or wish for someone to call you, it doesn’t work.  go distract yourself.
  • 2 Broke Girls was a huge disappointment to the beginning of my fall new show lineup.  don’t waste your time.
  • PF Changs has a gluten free menu (what up, Josh!)
  • people are now bringing their young children to socialize at coffee shops.  if you have young children – please don’t do this.  maybe on a saturday, but not during prime work/studying time.
  • if you think you do, then you definitely do deserve better
  • my friends have been amazing about doing research of gluten free food on their own for my benefit.  I think they know more about restaurants I can eat at, than I do.
  • everyone knows someone who can’t eat gluten
  • it’s okay to act your age.
  • I have a lot to learn

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