Today was a bread bowl kinda day.  For those of you who don’t know what I mean, I’ll explain.  A bread bowl kind of day is a grey, rainy, typically chilly day where the only thing you want for dinner is a Panera bread bowl filled with some kind of delicious soup.  So today was a bread bowl today.  And man did I crave it.

For the first time since I gave up gluten, I really craved it.  Not like I want it, like that I really want it kinda craving.  So instead, I decided to roast baby potatoes.  But the idea of 30-40 minute cooking time was a little too much, so I ended up roasting a steak and onions.  And while it didn’t take away the craving, at least it reminded me of all the good food I can eat.

I’ve been getting the question of “Since you don’t have celiac, are you still going to give up gluten?”  Legitimate question.  I still haven’t fully decided on the answer, but I’ll try to explain it this way.

My stomach issues have not been solved.  I got more sick at work than I’ve been in a long time.  Not only is it annoying/painful, it’s downright embarrassing.  So I don’t think giving up gluten has solved all my issues.  However, it has taken away back pain that I had experienced for 3+ months.  Back pain that made me have a bottle of Aleve wherever I went.  And for cosmetic issues – my dark circles have gotten significantly lighter.

So – I’m planning on giving it up 90% of the time.  I’ll make exceptions for special occasions (think Thanksgiving, my father’s grilled bruschetta) and the occasional exception, but otherwise that’s it.  I haven’t figured it out or found a magic solution, but what kind of journey is it if you don’t figure it out along the way.


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