Fake Out

I apologize for the absence from my posts.  Between cat, house and life issues, I became very complacent to this gluten thing.  What I mean by that is that I took the attitude gluten didn’t actually bother me, and I could eat it.  This all came to a head when I decided to have a 5 Guys burger and fries.

In reality, I probably should have done this experiment two weeks earlier, but I never really considered it.  And if you’re doing a gluten free experiment, I recommend doing it after a week.  That way you know earlier so you don’t wonder later.

So back to my burger and fries.  I knew about four bites in that gluten and I were no longer friends.  But really, I wasn’t about to stop in the middle of my burger.  And damn – I missed bread.  The texture, consistency and taste.  It can only be compared to rediscovering a band you loved – that feeling of “Why did I ever stop?”

Well, I’ll tell you why.  I had to drive directly home after lunch and after some stomach issues, I laid down to recuperate.  I fell asleep reading and when I went to stand up, I almost collapsed because my legs felt like lead.  It took a significant (and embarrassing amount) of effort to get them moving.  The rest of the day I was exhausted and I ended the night with a headache.

Gluten – it’s been a fun run.

This does raise some large questions – the main one currently being what am I going to do on Thanksgiving?? My favorite holiday food is loaded with gluten (some favorites – corn pudding and fried biscuits). And yeah, yeah, yeah – I know what you’re saying – I could make/bring my own.  But come on – it’s Thanksgiving!  And yes, I know it will make me feel sick, but stuffing? Green bean casserole? Apple pie? Enough said.

During this time, I have continued to cook/bake.  I remade my sweet potato/onion dish (here) and pumpkin oatmeal (here) because they were that delicious.

I’ve also reconnected with Pinterest which has opened doors at recipes.  Last night I made this healthy cookie dough and successfully tricked one of my co-workers.  I also made chocolate covered strawberries which were so ridiculously easy I felt a little silly that I’ve never made them before.  Since our local Kroger is closed for remodel, I stopped by Walgreens and bought large Hershey bars.  I broke those into chunks, microwaved on 50% for a minuted, stirred, at full power for 30 seconds, stirred and 10 more seconds at full power.  Then, I just dipped the strawberries in – and voila!

I also made gluten free chocolate chip cookies using a gluten free Betty Crocker mix.  They were delicious – even my coworkers liked them – but the texture wasn’t the exact same.

I haven’t been doing as much cooking as baking as I tend to be starving when I get home from work (ie – can’t wait to make something) or not hungry when I get back from Pure Barre (ie – not in the mood to make dinner), so I’ve turned to baking.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have a growing list of recipes.  Right now they include: Mexican Lasagna, Upside Down Potato and Onion Tart, Hasselback Potatoes, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Twice-Baked Potatoes with Rosemary and Feta, Turkey Caprese,  Rice and Cheese Treasures, and Flourless Chocolate Cake (you don’t think I could have a list of recipes without a dessert, do you??).

My parents return for Asia on Thursday so my cooking habits will have to modify (or I’ll have to make a trip to IKEA for some serious cooking dish shopping).  But I am trying to make a few more dishes before my parents get back to they don’t have an empty fridge.

But for tonight, it was Naked pizza.  Nothing like an onion, tomato and pineapple pizza to make me feel a little less gluten intolerant.  Cooking can wait until tomorrow.


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