Sneaky Sneaky

A short post for today as I’m planning an early bedtime.

I accidentally had gluten today.  It involves chorizo and not considering the spices had gluten in them.  This is where it gets complicated – and apparently, not only do I have to remind others, but I have to remind myself that gluten is sneaky.  It’s in soy sauce, seasonings, malt (no Dairy Corner in Newtown ice cream for me), Twizzlers, salad dressings, etc etc.

I didn’t realize it until about an hour later when all the sudden I was struggling to stay awake and I had a headache.  It took me a few minutes to make a connection, but as it took all my effort to keep my eyes open, it dawned on me.  And I felt stupid for not thinking of it beforehand.

So the rest of the afternoon, I tried to pump some caffeine and sugar into my body to make it through the rest of the day.

And unfortunately, I didn’t make anything for dinner out of my recipe list – or anything for that matter because I found a dead, gutted, baby mouse while cleaning for my parents arrival home from Asia.  Any appetite I had quickly disappeared as I had to clean up the remains.  I’ll stop there – I’m nauseous remembering it.

So I’ll end my night watching Man vs. Food in Cincinnati (not a huge fan of the restaurants they chose to represent the city – where’s Graeters??), and bedtime.  An evening meeting ran long and I had to miss Pure Barre, so it’s a 7 am class for me tomorrow.


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