My absences from blogging has been very purposeful this past week.

I started the cleanse I previously mentioned on Sunday, and the thought of blogging about food was pretty unappealing.

As of Sunday, I am dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, processed food free, all comfort food free.

So what can I eat, you ask?

Some meats, vegetables and fruits.  Tea is my new favorite thing.  And I’ve been big on carbonating water and adding lemon or lime juice.

Yeah, it’s not fun.  But I already feel better and can tell my energy has increased even more.  And the manta “It’s worth it” has become a staple.

So for the food I miss?  Well the theory that if you give up sugar, you stop craving it, is very true.  I was adding stevia to my grapefruit to slightly sweeten it, but I realized it actually didn’t taste that great.  I am craving foods like peanut butter, pizza, and Chipotle.

When I was getting instructed on the cleanse, the woman said “When you reallyw ant a certain food, think ‘I can’t have you now, but I can have you later,'” so I’ve been thinking that frequently to my big jar of JIF.

Before you all start to think I’ve lost my marbles, which actually may be the case, the cleanse lasts 46 days, so only 38 more days!  And really, anyone can do anything for 38 days.

But unfortunately for you, dear readers, I will be seriously lacking in recipes during this time period.  Unless of course I find amazing things on Pinterest I just have to sure like microwavable caramel (maybe it would set this time!), peanut butter squares, red velvet donuts & cupcakes (okay, maybe I miss sugar even if I’m not craving it) and gluten free goldfish.

But for now, I’ll leave it up to you to try them and report back to me on if they’re as amazing as they sound.  And I’ll investigate in 35 days.


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