Name Change?

Dear readers,

I am seriously considering buying a domain name for my blog for many reasons but largely because I’ve always wanted to own my own domain. However, as many of you have pointed out, I won’t be 23 the rest of my life (damn!), so the name can’t stay forever.

That’s where you come in – if I buy a domain, what recommendations do you have? It can be anything – gluten related, non gluten related. Hope related or not. I am planning on going paleo after the cleanse, but the blog most likely won’t fully revolve around that either.

I’m open to anything! There are no bad ideas.


3 thoughts on “Name Change?

  1. My mom is somewhat intolerant of Gluten so I find your blog interesting. Not sure about what to rename your blog. But I would gladly create you a fancy header for it once you do make a decision.

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