Sugar Rush

I try incredibly hard not to eat sugar. In everyday life in Cincinnati, I do a pretty good job. And even in Austin, I did a decent job, until today. And of course, I caved and went NUTS.

For me, after all the cleansing I’ve done, I realized sugar gives me headaches and makes my fingers swell. Those are the two things I’ve been able to identify as related to sugar, but I’m sure there are other things. Just in general, I feel better if I don’t eat it.

Not saying I don’t love it. Oh, do I love it.

After being so good for the first part of the week, I decided to drink as well because it’s hard to go to a party with an open bar and not have a drink. I am only human after all.  So after doing that, and hearing about a bakery that sold gluten free cupcakes, I decided to make today the day. Plus, I’m not gonna lie, it felt nice to eat my first gluten free baked good (whoa – just realized that really was my first one!) because it made me felt quasi normal for the first time since I found out I was intolerant. I got to eat something delicious from a bakery where they sold normal baked goods!

Austin – you did me well.  And Delish Bakery – thank you for the lime cupcake with strawberry buttercream and the chocolate chip, walnut cookies (oops, forgot to mention those too). Atlanta airport – your gluten free options suck which led me to having a frozen yogurt.  Seriously. I’m not sure how I’m functioning with all the sugar running through me right now.

May relate to my almost missing my flight and literally ducking into the premium security line just to get there in time.  But that’s a different story. And I will tell you about Austin, but I’m exhausted and currently in the air on the way back to Cincinnati ready to eat some meat and vegetables. Got a hardcore craving for vegetables. You can go ahead and pick your jaws up off the ground.

To make up for that shocking news, I’ll leave you with a photo of my cupcake. Because it was awesome. And in Austin style, presented in a strawberry carton. Cincinnati, take notice.


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