Eat Me Hot Yoga

Note to Future Hope: Eat the avocados you buy before they go bad. Not only because it’s wasteful and avocados are delicious, but because you have to ball on a budget.

I am sitting in the leather chair in my living room trying to convince myself to go to hot yoga at 8 tonight. Now that I have told you all that I’m trying to convince myself to go, the likelihood of going has increased, but the desire hasn’t changed. It’s been the kind of day where I know hot yoga will make me feel so much better, but in reality, all I want to do is eat. Hello former fat kid!

It wasn’t til the cleanse that I realized how emotional of an eater I am (and if you think you aren’t, try giving up all foods, have your cat be put to sleep, go through the process of quitting a job, start a new job, and in general just have some shitty days, and tell me you don’t want a huge bowl of ice cream). Okay, maybe you aren’t an emotional eater, but I am. First step to recovery: admittance.

Today was the kind of day where not one major thing bad happened, but lots of little things built up – so when I came home and saw half a sugar free chocolate bar sitting on my counter, I wanted it SO badly. Seriously the thing spoke to me. “Eat me, eat me!” But I figured I needed to eat real food that had protein and vitamins and minerals and all the stuff that makes me function. Score one Hope!

I thought about taking pictures of dinner, but it was so basic and boring looking, I decided not to waste your time –  I had a burger, avocado and a salad. However, I’ve come to the realization that if I throw a lot of adjectives in with my food, it sounds a lot more delicious – so really, for dinner I had: a grass-fed beef burger with Himalayan Sea Salt cooked in butter from grass fed cows. Along with that, I had organic Mexican avocados (slightly overripe – see note to self above). The salad consisted of organic mixed greens with homemade salad dressing (thanks Mom!). See – how much better does that sound?

I know I promised a full summary of SXSW – but since it was work related, I actually blogged about it here:

Go ahead and make fun of me – multiple blogs, I know. But since I work in the digital world, I need a blog where I don’t talk about how delicious heavy whipped cream is mixed with some liquid stevia and vanilla or cocoa powder (seriously – it’s delicious, try it! or put it in the blender and make your own sugar free whipped cream. hello new obsession!). The post does have pictures and discussion of my favorite restaurants in Austin.

I will say that eating gluten free in Austin was a breeze as compared to Cincinnati. I often feel that eating at new restaurants in Cincinnati, I am playing a Russian Roulette with my stomach because there’s a high likelihood that even if they say it’s gluten free, it’s really not. In Austin, I was worried for the first day and that’s it. They’re much more conscious of food and different eating habits/styles, so all I had to do was ask, and they knew exactly what I meant. No “It’s in wheat, rye and barley. Would you mind checking to see if the seasoning has gluten in them? I know you don’t think it does, but could you double check? Oh actually it does? Thanks – I’ll have the salad.” I never once had to explain gluten to anyone I ordered food from. And I didn’t get sick once (huge relief that I took my first trip gluten intolerant and didn’t eat one thing that made me sick!).

On a completely unrelated note, I am my office’s softball coach. But as now I do need to get ready for hot yoga, I’ll tell you about that later. I will leave you with a good laugh since the furthest I made it was T-Ball and I am coaching them. Really though, it’s all about being awesome and passing that awesomeness onto your players – hence my team’s endless supply of sunflower seeds, beer, Hubba Bubba, fruit snacks, Juicy Fruit and Doublemint.

Now go eat some chocolate for me!


One thought on “Eat Me Hot Yoga

  1. A) I’m a total emotional eater! And all I had to do to figure that out was give up dessert (not even all sugar, just “dessert) for Lent with an infant and a puppy… B) You’re not going to move to Austin, are you? 🙂 and C) Love you lots! You’re doing an awesome job of figuring out how to be the healthiest you! It’s inspiring.

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