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I have a post in my draft folder that includes photos from all my trips recently, but I’m currently on a flight to San Francisco and the Internet on the flight is too spotty for me to trust it. But since I have abandoned all of you (albeit, leaving you with beautiful photos of myself), I thought I’d update you on my journeys and how I’ve been able to avoid eating gluten along the way. I’m also going to attempt a few photos as a hail mary.

In the past month (think mid-May), I’ve been to NYC to visit my Nina Bean, bought a day of last minute cheap flight to DC to see my best friend, Abby, currently on my way to San Fran for work…and in two weeks heading to LA to visit my Kwanster. My Sky Miles are loving me right now. My health not so much.

I have a tendency to lose my voice whenever I start to/actually get sick which leaves me sounding like a late night phone operator. Hilarious for the first day or two. Annoying anytime after that. Feel free to give me a call for some entertainment on your end.

With all my traveling, I do have to think a lot about not only what/where I’ll eat while not in my food comfort zone, but also what to snack on while flying. Traveling makes me hungry. And takes away my motivation to eat healthy. Horrible combo. So I’ve taken to packing my own snacks, mainly so I’m not tempted to buy garbage – candy looks so good when you’re running on zero sleep and miss your bed. Lara and Luna bars have been my biggest saving grace recently. Luna bars are not by any means Paleo, but it’s better than a Butterfingers (sounds flipping phenomenal!). And if I’m really struggling, I buy nuts. These are the times I miss Goldfish and Cheez-Its, but nuts will do. Beggers can’t be choosers.

In terms of eating in different cities, my friends have been absolutely amazing. Nina essentially let me choose any gluten free specialty restaurant and didn’t complain when I wanted to go back to two of them twice. Abby patiently laid in bed with me while I researched gluten free options at restaurants even making a call or two herself for some gluten free bagels in DC (that quest was a fail – NYC, you win!). 

For those of you fine folks who are wondering what I eat when eating out, especially at a restaurant where they don’t have clearly marked gf options, here are some of my go-tos:

omelettes – eggs, veggies, cheese – always a safe choice for me. and amazing. even better when eaten with cream cheese.

salads – no bleu cheese, croutons or suspicious dressing, but usually a good option for when I get the motivation to eat healthy.

bunless burgers – it’s a little sad to have a hamburger without a bun, but always a good option for when I’m really hungry.

Speaking of bunless burgers…I celebrated Father’s Day, but more importantly, my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary, yesterday by tagging along to dinner and a Second City show. We went to Rookwood in Cincinnati (get the deviled eggs!!) and I had a bunless burger. I also crashed my parent’s photo. They’re good sports. I’ll leave you with that, and a few other fun photos from the past weeks.

Until next time, I’ll rock out with my new bionic hearing. I’ll tell you about that some other time.





2 thoughts on “Travels and Photos

  1. Come check us out at The Gluten Free Grocery in Dog Patch, San Francisco! We’re the city’s only dedicated gluten free grocery, we’ll help get you set up with a gluten free survival kit for your stay here in the bay 🙂

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