Let the Roadtrip Begin…

Tomorrow will begin one of my favorite parts of the year. And I don’t mean time of the year specifically…tomorrow I will be back in California.

I went to LA 5-6 times last year to visit friends I had out there, but unfortunately this year, this will most likely be my only trip to the City of Angels.

Despite most people’s hatred of LA, I have a deep love for the city. So much so that I even planned on moving out there after graduation. Clearly that didn’t happen, so vacations there will have to do.

This trip will be a little different because my friend Cathy and I are planning on taking a roadtrip to who knows where. She and I are both planners (I’m a logistics queen), but neither of us were really sure what we wanted to do with this roadtrip, so I suggested we just go where the wind blows us – and after a little hyperventilating on both of our ends, we agreed.

Cathy and I have known each other since Junior year of high school when I switched schools and used to visit her at her shift at Moe’s and eat loaded quesadillas   (clearly pre-gluten intolerance). We’d then go play endless games of Mario Party at her house and pretend to study for AP History and English tests (although Cathy would end up really studying.)

Cathy went to USC (South California) for college and I headed off to Miami (Ohio), but for one beautiful summer, she decided to take classes in Oxford and lived with me after I got back from Asia. We spent equal amount times studying O Chem (her) and Calculus (me) while doing things like laying out, trying to perfect a signature cookie recipe and watching season upon season of LOST.

These days, our reunions consist mainly of Yelping where our next place to eat is. This will be my first trip to see her since I found out I was gluten intolerant, so that changes things significantly; however, one of my favorite things about Cathy is that she’s always willing to try something new. We’ve gone to Vegas twice together, seen what The Abbey was all about, gotten Thai massages, been surprised with birthday cakes, had spa days…the list really doesn’t end. She’s also been my counselor through too many guy situations.

Now my beautiful Kwanster is following her dreams of being a fashion designer at FIDM, and I literally drool over the drawings she produces. She is so talented, and I’m truly blessed to know her.

I also can’t wait to see where we end up.

Hopefully next time I post, I’ll have photos that aren’t 3+ years old.


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