Life is Too Short

I know this is a blog about food. Er, was supposed to be a blog about food. But as most of my blogging as tended to happen from 30,000 feet where the internet sucks so badly I can’t upload the photos I’ve taken, I’ve resorted to blogging about my life. And my thoughts. My apologies.

As an avid writer in high school and college, there is nothing I love more than a good poem. ee cummings will always have my heart with “somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond.” I’m also an emo sucker for a good quote. You caught me. I adore the quotes on Pinterest (aside from food, it is my number one board I pin to…and you can view it here). In fact, the lock screen background for my phone is a quote by Jack Kerouac reading: “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

So because no one really knows what to do with this week with the 4th being on a Wednesday and Canada Day being on a Monday (gotta send some love to my Canucks!), I thought I’d share two of my favorite poems/quotes – one new and one old (unfortunately neither are blue…or fortunately since I’m not planning on getting hitched in the near future).

I’m also doing this at a key point when someone interviewing me to learn if I was qualified for something (I’ll spare you all the details), asked what my five year plan was, and I told her I didn’t know. I have a 10 year plan, but in 5 years…I can’t think of where I want to be. I’ll be 28, almost 29, so maybe I should have some stuff figured out by then. But for now, I’ll take it by quarters.

The first comes from my advertising days – and was brought to my attention as a viral video of the week. Damn you Wieden + Kennedy! This poem also came to me at a much needed point in my life when there seemed to be very little hope (no pun intended).

The next, came today via Jamie (remember..he just got married. You can see the photos here). Anyway, he knows me pretty well to know I like corny, but true stuff like this.


You’ll notice there’s a trend about life and what to do with it.

Do what would make the past, present and future you happy. Suck the marrow. Carpe the diem.

Have fun. Dance in your seat. And enjoy the corny stuff. Lord knows I do.


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