Drinking for Cooler Weather

I am aching for fall right now. Ever fiber in my being is desiring fall. Which is ironic because I actually really don’t like fall. My allergies come out and I get all sneezy and itchy and cranky because I know my least favorite season is coming. Don’t get me started on winter.

But fall means cozy clothes and most importantly, cooler weather. A break from the rainforest outside which literally turns your entire body to a self-sustaining pool. And not in a good way.

Plus – can we talk about how hard it is to look good when you’re out when it’s 90 degrees with 100% humidity? Oh hey – I just met you, and I’m sweating buckets with a shiny face and flat hair, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe? Fail.

Back to my longing for fall – it comes with a craving for pumpkin. I know that’s weird. Fruit is in season. And I love my fruit (see best breakfast ever), but in the evenings, after a hard workout, I want pumpkin. I should also mention that I’m off of sugar again which has been awful because work has been extra stressful and the only thing I really have to turn to is vegetables. Yum.

So this evening as I was trying to get some extra work in, I decided that I was going to cave to my pumpkin craving and make my own version of a pumpkin smoothie. I know it’s not terribly nutritious, but I was hungry and it seemed better than the other things I was craving i.e. chocolate. It’s also paleo – woot woot! Plus…did I mention it’s dairy free? Yeah, dairy and I are having issues again. We’ll get over it. Eventually.

All you need is:

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 3 large scoops of pumpkin puree
  • About a dropper full of stevia
  • 2 tsp of vanilla
  • Dash of cloves
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Dash of pumpkin pie spice
  • Dash of nutmeg (I didn’t have any, but I know it would be extra delicious)
  • Squirt of honey
  • 4-6 ice cubes


I know the lighting sucks – we’ve been having some major storms in Cincinnati, but have I mentioned how obsessed I am with my Vitamix? I caved awhile ago and bought a refurbished one off their website so I still got the warranty, but I got it for a much more affordable price. I tend to use it at least once a day. Totally worth it.

And yep…I know you’re all shocked. Two posts in a week and both about food. Yep Chicken Little, the sky is falling.


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