Belated Birthday

I’m not 23 any longer – meaning…my blog title is a lie.

I actually haven’t been 23 for 17 days. I turned 24 August 9, making me what…24 and gluten no more? But clearly, I haven’t gotten around to changing my blog title for much of the same reason that I haven’t written about my birthday. I’ve been sick.

I ate gluten accidentally about a week before my birthday – and let me tell you, I’m still intolerant. I was in such pain, I couldn’t believe I didn’t realize what I was eating. Still don’t know what it was. Potentially the dressing.

I’ll save all the rest of the details, but turns out, I’m going through another digestive health spell. I was essentially worthless last week, meaning I couldn’t really eat anything either. I’ve had some tests, but I have to have at least one more next week.

As soon as I do have results, I’ll update you. But for now, too many unanswered questions to even begin.

I also honestly had a shitty week.

I often try not to blog about major issues going on in my life when they involve other people. Not that I don’t trust my readers, but more, I am incredibly protective of the people in my life, and I prefer not to blog about them. If it’s an issue related singularly to me, it’s fair game.

So I’ll leave it there. Tomorrow starts a new week, and I’m determined to make it a better one.

I also promise this week that I’ll post a recipe of something I made this past week. I’ve been meaning to make it for awhile, and since my stomach was so iffy, I decided to try it. Big success. So stay tuned.

This post is instead about the below photos that showcase my birthday, the celebrations, and my friends/family in general.

And for now…let’s all pretend I’m 23.


1. Dinner at the Orchids with my parents.

2. Roses from my dad. Amazing tradition.

3. Beautiful flowers from my brother and his fiance. Thank you Luke and Row!

4. Celebrating after my birthday dinner

5. The next night of celebrations

6. Kisses

7. Some of my girls

8. Love

9. Photo bomb

10. Hat night


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