Happy Belated Labor Day!

Even though it’s Friday, I’m still going to blog about Labor Day because, well, I can.

My brother actually came in town this past weekend from Singapore so my family spent the entire long weekend together doing things like grilling out, running errands, going the Underground Tour of Cincinnati, buying beer (while I stared at all the cool labels and imagined which ones I would buy), watching the fireworks, and just generally hanging out.

It was nice to be around people who get all the inside jokes you’ve grown up with, and who put up with all your quirks. Exhibit A: Qwill. But it was also nice to not think about my health as I got some…disheartening? annoying?  (I’m still working on the best word to describe it) news with the prescription for more tests. I also didn’t do a single ounce of work which gave me the energy I needed to bust it out the rest of this week.

And with my brother leaving at the end of this week, the official countdown to Singapore has begun. I leave in officially 12 days. My stomach just flipped thinking about that. So when my brother and I said goodbye, it wasn’t a…see you in 6 was a see you in two weeks. Kinda cool.

Even though it has nothing to do with my family, one of my favorite parts of the weekend was my Sunday morning run/exploration. I live in an interesting/diverse/old neighborhood with huge houses and lots of side streets. I love exploring (I once went on an exploration of the old building I worked in that led me stuck in a utility elevator…whoops.), and took over 2 hours (not all running..are you kidding me??) checking out all the areas I live in. I got chased by a dog and trespassed on a soccer field during the process, which only made it even more exciting.

There have been some major changes in my life the past few weeks with constants in my life suddenly ending and of course everything health related, but at the end of the day – I am so blessed. In the negative spaces that start to eat at me, I have to remind myself to be grateful. It’s not always easy. I’ve cried more the past month then I have this year. And while I’m not okay with it all, I have constant reminders of how loved I am. So thank you all.

Pay it forward.

1. The brother and I

2. One of the mansions spotted on my run

3. This church is for sale. I think it’d make a perfect apartment. Who wants to buy it for me?

4. A fountain I found on my exploration. Calm in a busy area

5. You get a bathtub! And you get a bathtub! And you get a bathtub!

6. Goofing off in my apartment with some headphones

7. I’m over it – clearly. My brother is still having a blast.



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