They Say It’s Your Birthday

(photo credit here)

I LOVE my birthday. Love Love Love Love Love! Did I say I love it? It is the one day I’m truly allowed to be as selfish as possible because the day is about me! Hey..if it wasn’t for August 9, I wouldn’t be here (okay I guess my parents played a minor role as well…).

But as much as I love my birthday, this birthday is actually for my blog. It’s a year old. Holy cannoli! Apparently in the world of blogging, you’re supposed to celebrate such momentous occasions. That celebration means I’m blogging.

So a year old, and only sort of kind of wiser.

My best friend, Jill got inducted into our high school’s Hall of Fame last night for her phenomenal tennis career and I was one of the lucky people she invited. And they served dinner. BBQ. I LOVE BBQ (I think I may be guilty of overusing the world “love”). What I don’t love? Malt Vinegar in BBQ sauce.

A year ago, I would have eaten that and gotten violently ill.

Today, I know better and brought my own food. And I got to celebrate with her. How lucky am I?!

So I’m still occasionally a pain to eat with, but guess what? I’m awesome (so it’s worth it), but I’m also blessed that those closest to me put up with my constant food questions at restaurants and having a waiter leave just as you’re about to order to check on if something has gluten in it.

The past year has been a whirlwind of switching jobs, lots of ingredient label reading, planned and unexpected trips to visit my friends, four medical tests in a month, losing a significant amount of weight, becoming a runner (woot woot!), getting bionic hearing, breaking records and finding my own voice. For the person that is the first to compromise, this has been the hardest part because I’ve had to learn not to compromise my health. And thankfully, that’s slowly seeping into other aspects of my life.

So..raise a glass (preferably champagne) and cheers to many more years.

It’s bad luck if you don’t drink to a cheers.


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