Cleansing! Blueprint Cleanse Review

So I might be a little (and by little I mean about a month), behind in writing a review of the juice cleanse I completed.


I actually read about the Blueprint Cleanse first from Melissa (you can read her review here). I’ve done some pretty extreme diet/food/exercises choices in the past, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Well, more like, I was eating poorly, eating whatever I wanted, including sugar and grains (but not gluten! I never eat gluten.). So I really thought this might kickstart my paleo lifestyle again. Plus, Melissa said it wasn’t that bad. And I love green smoothies, so how bad could green juice be?

photo 1


I decided to do the Foundation cleanse because I’m not new to crazy diets, but wasn’t quite ready for four green juices. And 3 days seemed manageable.  You can do anything for 3 days. Plus, if we’re really honest, they’ll only send out 3 days at a time because everything is made fresh, so I didn’t want to get two shipments.

photo 2


The bottles come numbered 1-6, and you drink them in order. Really at whatever pace you want, but you’re supposed to leave about an hour between each one. Clearly, I was bad at taking pictures of all the bottles because I don’t have images of all 6. But 3 were the same green juice, pictured above, one was a pineapple, mango, apple juice, that was the second one of the day. There was a spicy lemonade and a cashew milk.

All the reviews I read said the first day was a breeze, not hungry at all, and the second day was awful.


My first day was pretty miserable. This is where when you’re doing these nutso food/health choices, mind over matter comes into play. It didn’t help that I was doing food research. That made it even worse. And I was going through sugar withdrawal. And I thought, if day 2 is worse than day 1, I’m so screwed. I was hungry, cranky, and going through detox.

photo 3


I’m doing a really great job selling it, aren’t I? So anyway, the first day sucked it up. But I convinced myself to go to the gym and in that process, ended up severely straining my left bicep. I’m a trip and a half. But I didn’t know I had done that until the morning of the second day. So I woke up the second day actually feeling fabulous…not hungry, clear head, lots of energy, with the exception of the fact I couldn’t straighten my arm.

photo 4


Lots of ice.

The second day was so breezy, I tried to see if I could order extra days of the cleanse to make it a 5 dayer. I couldn’t.

photo 5


Unless you’ve given up something before, cold turkey, especially food, it’s hard to describe. Did I want food? Yes, of course. Was it hard when I met some friends out for a birthday celebration to say no to half price bottles of wine? Yep. Sure was. But I paid some serious money to do this, and I wasn’t about to quit. Plus, by the end of day two, I was craving the green juice. It’s own version of a liquid salad. Actually pretty good. And ending the day with the Cashew Milk. Pure genius. It’s thick and rich and sweet and just delicious. I’m not sure if I would have the same passion now as I did then, but it was pretty amazing.

I also lost a little over 5 pounds during those 3 days. Drinking roughly 150 ounces of fluid a day will help do that. I just in general felt fabulous.

I’m already thinking/planning of doing another one soon. So yep, that good.


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