About Me

I’m just your average twenty-three (yep, the blog name is a lie) twenty-six year old who loves pizza, pasta and pastries as much as the next person.  But I’m giving it up.  Cold turkey.  What am I thinking??

To spare you a full health history, I’ll summarize:

– Never ending digestive issues

– See ya later gallbladder

– Lots and lots of tests

– Chronic sinus issues

– More tests

– No answers

– Stomach issues worsened

– Trying everything

– This is it

I can only imagine that I’m getting myself into – but I’m going to learn along the way.  You get to see me undergo this journey, and maybe, I can help some of you along the way.  Oh, and lots of photos of what I eat.

If you have any questions or just want to give me a shout, feel free to e-mail me at hopernorman@gmail.com.  Just don’t forget the “r” – as the person without it is tired of forwarding me e-mails.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey there! I just saw one of your posts and thought I would let you know that you aren’t alone! I have been a Celiac for over a year now and it has been one heck of a transition but I take it day by day and if anything I am that much better because of it. I’m new to this whole blogging thing but I am doing it for people like you! I post yummy gluten free recipes that I make for me and my hubby. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me! I am always open to helping people! deliciouslyglutenfree.tumblr.com

    • Katie – thank you much for your comment! It’s incredibly overwhelming, but I know the benefits will outweigh any hassle. I will definitely check out your tumblr as I’m currently starting to look into recipes!

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog in the past few days, and I’m OBSESSED! Just went g-free last week and you are an inspiration. Keep up the good blogging!

    • Laura, thanks so much for your kind comment! I’ve been so horrible about blogging recently, but you’ve given me inspiration and motivation to blog again! Thank you!

  3. Hey Hope! I just discovered your site & your (Cincinnati and other globe-trottting) culinary adventures. Love the witty writing & fun pictures! Keep it up!

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